Creating and maintaining a good skin-care routine is one of the most important ways to gain a healthy and beautiful skin in years to come. A good skin-care routine always starts with cleansing the skin. A non-rinse, soap-free makeup remover with plant oil (castor, olive) the 2 ° Cleansing Water instantly removes makeup and skin impurities effortlessly leaving zero residues. Blended with tropical fruit extracts, the make-up remover helps to exfoliate gently, renews skin naturally. Skin looks and feels fresh, perfectly clean without tightness or dryness.


Enhance skin protection
Mild exfoliating

Key Ingredients

Spondios mombin
Mangifere indica (Mango)
Musa sapientum (banana)

Tropical Fruit Extracts

Concentrated with tropical fruit extracts which include Spondias mombin, Mangifera indica (mango) and Musa sapientum (banana). These tropical fruit extracts will gently refine skin texture, encourage natural skin renewal and strengthen skin barrier to protect the skin against oxidative damage.


Hair off
Lips first
Tender on the eyes
Don't forget the brows
The last base


Aqua, Propanediol, PEG-6 Capric/Caprylic Glycerides, Betaine, Decyl Glucoside, Olive Oil PEG-7 Esters, 1,2-Hexanediol, PPG-26-Buteth-26, PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Hydroxyacetophenone, Parfum, Spondias Mombin Pulp Extract, Magnifera Indica (Mango) Pulp Extract, Musa Sapientum (Banana), Pulp Extract, Disodium EDTA

How to use

Lightly soak cotton pad with the solution and gently sweep away all makeup.

Suitable for:

All skin types


  1. Do I need to rinse with water after using 2° Cleansing water?

    2° Cleansing water is a non-rinse makeup remover. You may also rinse with water if you desire.

  2. Can I use 2° Cleansing water to remove oil-based/waterproof cosmetics?

    Yes. 2° Cleansing water contains castor oil and olive oil which can dissolve and remove oil-based cosmetic.

  3. Can I use 2° Cleansing water to remove eyeliner or mascara?

    2° Cleansing Water is designed as a face makeup remover. However, you may still use it to remove eyeliner and mascara.

  4. What makes 2° Cleansing Water so unique?

    2° Cleansing Water can cleanse the skin thoroughly, and it contains tropical fruit extracts that help skin with mild exfoliation. It helps protect the skin and leave skin feeling moisturised after use.


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Liliyu • Johor


以前想到卸妆就想到油油腻腻的卸妆油。尝试了这款水性cleansing water非常喜欢,温和的配方孩子们也能使用,非常方便。卸妆的效果也很好,很干净,每天无论有没有化妆都坚持使用,可以使皮肤更亮丽。


lorraine • Sarawak

Cleansing Water



Chong yanny • Kuala Lumpur


一般市面上的卸妆水都是cream状且带油性的,而我本身就是属比较敏感肌肤,不是很能接受cream状的护肤品,所以我都是在有化妆的情况后才会使用卸妆液,平时一般不用。听说这款卸妆水是water base的时候,我就买了一支来试试,非常好,卸妆干净且不油腻。大爱!


Mow yook wan • Perak

Super good products

Super good products The makeup remover I used before was bought from a department store, but since I used it, I haven’t bought it in a department store anymore because I feel fresh and clean also will not oily on my face


lian sze sze • Sarawak

Like it very much

I like cleansing water very much. it is a non-rinse, soap free makeup remover with plant oil. it can remove my make up and skin impurities effortlessly leaving zero residues. It make my skin feels fresh, perfectly clean without tightness or dryness.



11 Review(s)
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