After detoxification, the body has lifted off its burden and rebooted its bodily functions, with enhanced absorption and improved immune system. Immune system is fundamental in achieving good health. Building this good foundation is essential to prevent various diseases from occurring, and to maintain optimum health and soul.



Many men are currently suffering from endocrine disorders which often cause hormone imbalance. But the primary hormone in men are not estrogen, but androgen. In men, androgens are produced to regulate male reproductive organs growth and development. They also keep one's sexual desire and reproductive function stable.

Androgen imbalance should not be neglected because doing so might cause one to suffer from any of several preventable diseases.


Prostate disease may be caused by androgen imbalance. For example, benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) is a prostate-related disease which is more common in men who are 40 years old or older. BPH may be caused by aging, androgen imbalance, or both.

Most symptoms of BPH are related to urination because an increase in prostate size will block the urethra and inhibit proper bladder function. Unfortunately, many men do not truly understand BPH. This lack of understanding has therefore caused many to assume that BPH is a natural part of aging. Although BPH becomes more common as a man becomes older, those who are younger should also be aware of the condition to prevent it from happening to them.



Mandiva, a health supplement specially formulated for men’s health concerns, contains a variety of natural plant ingredients such as

Saw Palmetto
Butea Superba
Pine Bark
Protein Concentrate

which helps to improve related diseases caused by androgen imbalance, regulate androgen secretion and balance up the level of male’ hormones in the body.

Support prostate health and maintain normal prostate size
Enhance muscle mass
Support urine flow
Improve quality and quantity of sperm
Optimise immune system

Mandiva can be consume by men starting from 18 years old and above. It is definitely a good option for every man in maintaining their prostate and overall health.

Consumption: Consume 1 sachet per day (morning / night)

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Reoxlife Mediterranean Gold Plus

Mediterranean Gold Plus is inspired by the Mediterranean diet, one of the healthiest and most highly-recommended diets in the world. The Mediterranean diet has been shown to improve health conditions such as diabetes, high blood cholesterol, and high blood pressure. Mediterranean Gold Plus comes with ground-breaking formulation – LePheno®, extensively researched, created, and produced exclusively for Return Legacy in collaboration with Fytexia.

Mediterranean Gold Plus helps enhance the self-production of antioxidant enzyme known as superoxide dismutase (SOD). SOD is a supremely powerful antioxidant found in cells. It is part of the body’s first line of defence against free radicals. Thus, it helps prevent damage done to tissues while also shielding healthy cells from damages. It decelerates the aging process, strengthens the immune system, and reduces oxidative stress.

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Reoxlife Potent

Reoxlife Potent is loaded to the brim with antioxidants. It contains Micro-Mineralised Nutrient Technology MMNT®, a technology which stabilizes negative hydrogen ions. Negative hydrogen ion is the smallest and a powerful antioxidant to keep cells protected from oxidative damage.

It also contains cantaloupe extract which is a rich source of antioxidant enzymes. To maximise its absorption, wheat protein extract is added to protect the antioxidants enzymes from stomach acid and enhance its absorption in intestines.

Reoxlife Potent contains antioxidants which fight against free radicals and reduce the amount of damage they cause. It reduces inflammation in the body and thus helps to heal cells which have been damaged by the inflammation.


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Michael Tiong • Sabah


Mendiva 真心是个很赞的保健品。 因为我现在暂时从事面包代理,几乎每天都要版面包去其他商店。 但是在我还没喝 Mendiva 之前,我还没搬到整个行程的一半(平常时间大概8-10个小时),就会很容易累没有活力。只从开始喝了 Mendiva 后,即使我已经做完工回家,我都还是觉得精力充沛,还可以再搬面包。 所以,我真心推荐 Mendiva 这个保健品。


Daniel Lee • Melaka

A Very good and worth product.

A very good and worth product. It helps me a lot for my health. My body change alot after taking the medigold and mandiva...Thank you Return Legacy. Thanks again....


Lim Poh Sing • Negeri Sembilan

Awesome Immunity Booster!!

it solve my problem of urge and frequently urination (every night 2 to 3 time but now only once a night). Mandiva is a awesome product n it go well with Medigoldplus and potent to help boost my immunity. is


Alif • Negeri Sembilan

M 30 Terbaik

Saya telah mencuba pakej M30, kombinasi produk dalam pakej ini sesuai dengan saya. Selepas saya menggunakan produk dalam pakej M30, saya lebih bertenaga. Kebiasaanya saya cepat letih dan tak bertenaga selepas balik kerja. Sekarang, saya lebih bertenaga dan mempunyai masa untuk bermain dengan anak-anak saya selepas balik kerja. Isteri saya pun gembira dengan perubahan ini.


Kok Wei • Selangor


我今年30岁 但我还是太早面临到前列腺的问题了!有时候排尿都感觉疼痛!不但如此,有时候还觉得排尿排不完!每天晚上都要起来排尿,排尿的时间又很久而且还痛!然后遇到了Return Legacy的男人保健品 Mandiva,有些好转了,晚上排尿的次数也没那么多了!而且排尿时的疼痛也开始减少了!已经没那么痛了!所以会继续服用!同时我也服用了MG Plus 和Potent,感觉肌肤开始变美了!每天也都比较精神和增强体力!



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